Office Space in Dadar

Our establishment positioned at the heart of Dadar is a specially facilitated business center for young entrepreneurs and professionals. CFE Offices is not only considered among the best providers of shared offices in Dadar; but our unit is also quite well recognized as one of our prime locations for independent entrepreneurs and single start-up professionals. Starting at only INR 11,000/- a month, you can avail of all of our standard amenities; along with weekly conference room hours.

No other co-working space in Dadar can claim to be all well organized and specifically facilitated as CFE Offices. We office houses several module 1-2 seater cabins; each with equal privacy and furnishing including an office desk and comfortable chairs. Our Dadar unit is particularly meant for people who work alone; though we have a plush reception area for your clients and associates to wait in. CFE shared offices in Dadar is specially designed for –

  • Lawyers starting practice
  • Independent Consultants
  • Academicians and Researchers
  • Software Developers
  • Taxation and Finance Professionals
  • Graphic Designers, Writers, and Editors
  • Online Entrepreneurs

Our co-working space in Dadar has also helped many professionals coordinate their work by mutual interest; so you can always look up the particular professional consultant you may require for your own work. At CFE Offices; we are dedicated to help smaller independent entrepreneurs expand their professional network with the help of such well organized and integrated, yet private and secure workspaces for the new digital age!

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