CFE Offices has a total of three exclusive locations spread over the vast area of Goregaon. We provide coworking space in Goregaon for business and companies of different sizes; ranging from single-professional entrepreneurs to start-ups with 5-6 team members. We are the only serviced office in Goregaon that has specially designed private spaces for single desk professionals. We also provide virtual office space in Goregaon. Often, proprietors or CEOs of startup ventures will book a 1 Seater cabin for themselves; while the larger team operates out of an attached larger coworking space for up to a team of 6 people.

Here is a layout of our three office locations in Goregaon –

(a) Corporate Annexe: This is our most prestigious location for corporate networking, training sessions, and seminars; and is located almost next to our other facility, a few buildings down the road. Though we have other shared offices in Goregaon; the Corporate Annexe facility has an especially large conference room and special amenities for larger corporate events.

(b) Ratnadeep Compound: Located on IB road near the Sonawala Road junction; this facility helps us provide more privacy and smaller space requirements for our clients compared to our other offices. We can guarantee that no other coworking space in Goregaon can provide as much privacy and serenity as we can at our Ratnadeep Compound facility.

(c) Royal Palms Complex: CFE Offices provides serviced offices in Goregaon based on specific industry requirements; and we established our Royal Palms Complex to cater to the large entertainment and film industry offices in the Aarey Colony area. Our Royal Palms Complex facility is often used by professionals from the various studios nearby for meetings.

At CFE Offices, we strive to be able to provide our clients with just the right atmosphere for their work; and you can choose from any of our office space in Goregaon according to your needs and expectations. Each space comes with a standard amenities package; with additional benefits for larger units like longer conference room hours and more parking space.

All of the above-mentioned locations offer three distinct sizes of shared workspace –

Seater Cabin: A very private cabin with stylish modern furnishing; we are among the only serviced offices in Goregaon with such micro-packages for our smaller clients looking for the right workspace. Starting for INR 12,500/- a month you can have access to all our amenities and standard offers, along with specially designated conference room hours every week.

2 – 3 Seater: These module offices each have elongated attached desks for small teams or temporary projects. Starting for INR 15,000/- a month, you can rent this perfectly designed coworking space. In Goregaon, CFE Offices has 2-3 seating spaces at all three locations. These serviced virtual offices are just perfect for partners working on the same project.

4 – 6 Seater: With two stretched desks facing on opposing walls; these 4-6 seating spaces are the largest single units we offer for rent. Larger enterprises and companies often rent two or three adjacent 4-6 seater units to accommodate a larger workforce. These custom designed medium-sized shared offices in Goregaon are available from INR 25,000/- a month.

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